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John J. Bascietto
John J. Bascietto, Esq.

About Mr. Bascietto:

John J. Bascietto, Esq. practices general civil law, but concentrates his practice in Family and Domestic Law (divorce, child custody, adoption, alimony), Elder Law, Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Government Employment Law and Benefits, Consumer Protection, and other debt matters and civil litigation.  Mr. Bascietto (known by his clients as John) originally hails from New York, NY but has made Maryland his home for the past 35 years.  John  resides in Columbia, MD with his wife, Laura Ann.  John has two children, Brooke, 25 and Stephen, 21.

John is a Vietnam Era Veteran (United States Army) and spent 32 years working in the federal government for agencies including the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Department of Energy.  Accordingly, he has extensive experience dealing and working with government agencies to obtain superior results for his clients.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees from New York University.  His law degree was earned from the University of Maryland School of Law, which is ranked in the top 50 law schools in the country.  Prior to leaving the government and entering the private practice of law, John was a nationally-recognized expert in the field of Natural Resource Damages and Damage Assessment.

Working for his Clients—Getting the Results

John believes that listening to the client is the first and most important thing he, as a lawyer, can do.  His approach is to listen and learn what the client’s objectives and goals.  His guiding principle: “Even a great lawyer cannot achieve a good result for the client if he does not know what the client ultimately wants out of the representation.”

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

There are new laws and new policies in the areas of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy. While many believe these words signal that the client has run out of options, that is not automatically the case.  There are options.  When necessary, however, John can provide his clients with Foreclosure Defense and Bankruptcy strategies.  Take action now to assure that your rights are protected.  John offers free consultations and expedited (rush) appointments for urgent matters.

Family Law

As a Family Law practitioner, John knows all too well that sensitivity and compassion must be the hallmark of a lawyer dealing with the emotional strain of separation, divorce, child support and custody issues.  In his practice, John (a family man and divorced parent himself), is not only focused on the needs of the client, but also mindful what might ultimately be a better situation for all family members, especially the children.  John feels this is just as important as bringing excellence and persistence to the practice of law in pursuit of his client’s cause.

When domestic violence is an issue, John has achieved excellent results for his clients, whether that means obtaining needed protective orders from a judge, or when necessary, defending an unfairly accused client against unwarranted charges of domestic violence.

Wills, Trusts, Estates, Estate Planning, and Elder Law

John’s Wills, Probate, Estate Planning and Elder Law practice rounds out his focus on the family.   Do you have a Will?  If you don’t, and you pass away without one, the State will decide who gets your property.  Planning for the “Golden Years” and for the “Beyond” may not be at the top of anyone’s fun list, but these are surely necessary and sometimes complicated tasks requiring skilled legal counsel.  “Medicaid” is the government program that pays for nursing home and  other long-term and elder care needs when a person can not  afford the often overwhelming costs of such care.  And most people lack private insurance coverage for this (“Medicare” and the overwhelming majority of health insurance polices do not cover this type of care).  John can show his clients the benefits of long-term care planning.  This planning can and should be done well in advance of actually needing “Medicaid” coverage for nursing home or long-term care.  John can show the client what is needed and what is possible.

Living Wills and Advance

“Livings Wills,” “Advance Health Care Directives” and “Powers of Attorney” are  important additional tools to having a Will that leaves your property to your heirs.  What happens if you temporarily or permanently cannot conduct you own financial affairs?  Who will step in for you?  Will you be happy with the person a judge might appoint?  John recommends that his clients consider these estate planning tools as important additions to having a Will.

Everyone remembers the unfortunate case of Terry Sciavo in Florida a few years ago.  She remained in a persistent vegetative state for years and years.  No one knew if she had any consciousness of herself or others, yet she was kept on life support systems indefinitely because her relatives and her doctors couldn’t agree on whether or when to stop using medical technology to artificially keep her alive.  Had Ms. Sciavo filled out a relatively uncomplicated form called an “Advance Health Care Directive” (now legally available and effective in Maryland), her family could have avoided protracted legal and emotional battles and saved thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees.   John recommends his clients consider the Maryland Advanced Health Care Directive as an important life and estate planning tool.

Debt Issues

When the household bills have just become overwhelming and the bill collectors call relentlessly, John is able to provide his clients with a range of options in debt relief.  Sometimes a simple phone call to a creditor can result in easier payment or just some extra time to pay.  Other times, creditors have to be clearly and directly reminded of their obligations and limitations under state and federal law.


Regardless of the client’s need, excellence in legal practice, sensitivity to clients and their families, discretion and understanding are John’s unbending principles of his practice of law.

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