A Word About Legal Fees

It is common knowledge that legal fees can be expensive, but how your fee is determined is not always so commonly known.  No particular fee is standardized, but is determined after the full aspects of your case are reviewed.  Your background, as well as the background of your case and many other variables are considered when determining the fee for your particular situation.

Take heed not to fall for lawyers who advertise being the most inexpensive firm around, or you may run the risk of receiving low quality and minimal attention to your legal matter.  Our team at Bascietto & Bregman will review your case and its complexity, determine the resources required and the time that will be needed to fully prepare for and tackle your legal problem.  We will then give you a fair fee that will best reflect the services we will provide you.

Yes, legal fees can be expensive, but they can never equal the value of your life, your record, and your reputation.  More importantly,  because our philosphy is that everyone, regardless of background or circumstances, is entitled to legal representation, we pledge to find a way for you to be able to afford our services.  This may require special arrangements, payment plans, and the like; we will never simply quote a “take it or leave it” fee.

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