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Facing DUI charges is a serious legal matter in in the state of Maryland. Even with a first offense, if convicted, it can lead to serious consequences. For those who have a prior conviction on their record, the situation is even more serious. It is critical that you contact a Maryland DUI attorney before your case progresses any further. The more quickly you contact an attorney, the more likely you will get a favorable outcome, whether a dismissed case, acquittal or alternatives to jail time.  Each year, states enact stronger DUI laws and more severe drunk driving penalties. Maryland DUI lawyer Brian R Bregman will fight hard to get you the best possible outcome and to make sure your arrest does not ruin the rest of your life.

When you’re facing serious charges which could change your life in many ways, you need the protection of an expert attorney skilled in DUI cases. Protect yourself with a DUI lawyer capable of providing the best defense possible. With many to choose from, you should make your choice carefully. an experienced DUI attorney can often get the charges dropped or reduced, or may be able to negotiate lesser penalties depending on your circumstances and your past history. Call us today if you’ve been charged with any DUI offence, even if it was for under-age drinking, drug use or a multiple offence.

At Bascietto & Bregman, your concerns are always our highest priorities. We understand the immense stress that a DUI charge can bring. Our attorneys and staff will be there with you every step of the way, fighting to protect your future from the possibility of prison, jail, fines, and even a criminal record. We are here to help. Contacting a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney in Maryland is an important first step towards getting your life back on track.

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