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Losing your right to practice medicine can be a life-changing event. As attorneys, we know the importance of your right to work in this field to which you have devoted your life.  Attorney Brian Bregman is familiar with the infractions and events that can lead to investigations by the Board of Physicians, and understands how to defend aggressively against these types of allegations to improve your chances to keep your license.  Brian Bregman has advocated successfully on behalf of many in a similar position, and is eager to serve those in need in this vital circumstance.

There is a strong likeliood that a physician will be threatened with an accusation of malpractice at some point in his or her career, whether justified or not.  If you find yourself in this situation, it is vital that you take measures to protect yourself from the moment a malpractice claim is filed or threatened with an allegation of malpractice.  Such accusations do not die on their own, but can follow you for the rest of your life if not handled in a competent and judicious manner.  This means not just disputing the charge, but also doing everything necessary to maintain a clean record. 

Physicians are frequently charged with crimes unrelated to their practice of medicine. These charges could jeopardize their standing with the medical board.  Attorney Brian Bregman has defended many practitioners from charges which may not be significant to an ordinary person, but which can have a major impact on licensing status for medical practitioners.  In these circumstances, ordinary criminal charges require an extraordinary response, in pursuit of complete exoneration.  Deferred prosecution, probation, and pleas – which any prosecutor will be quick to offer and which most defendants are quick to accept even if they have done nothing wrong – are not as favorable for doctors as they may be for the average person.  You need an attorney who recognizes that your case cannot be handled like that of the average person.  You need the record to show that you were completely exonerated.

Doctors may also be accused of improper relationships with staff or patients, unrelated to medical treatment.  As an attorney with extensive experience defending sex-crime allegations, workplace law, and civil law, Attorney Brian Bregman knows how to deal with these types of witnesses and accusers.  The first question is why is the accuser making such statements?  Psychological examinations and profiles, and an investigation of past criminal behavior or similar accusations, can often uncover the real motive of the witness.  But you will need someone on your side who is an expert in the way these witnesses operate, and in revealing why they often lack credibility.

New laws stack an ever-increasing regulatory and compliance burden on practicing physicians, whether operating out of their own office in primary care, or as a specialist employed by a large institution.  With thousands of records and documents, everyone in the medical field has made some error or omission at some point.  Any aggressive actor with a motive can find some vulnerability to use against you.  Attorney Brian Bregman has successfully defended many people accused of financial or esoteric technical missteps.  The key to such accusations is the large body and types of evidence used.  Brian Bregman knows how to use such records in trial, or to avoid even going to trial, and has built many successful cases by elucidating large patterns of compliance and financial records in a favorable way.

Even in the area of medical treatment, it is easy to level accusations of what “should have” or “should not have” been done.  Often in the medical field, what is proper can be subject to new research or the opinions of experts, and may vary across time and jurisdiction.  Brian Bregman is familiar with the use of experts to establish whether any clear violation of appropriate action has taken place.  For every expert there is an equal expert with an opposite opinion, and what is presented as certain may be open to reasonable dispute.  Brian Bregman is aggressive in the use and examination of technical and scientific knowledge processes in the course of legal defense.  We will draw on the entire array of expert knowledge, research, evolution of best and standard-practice benchmarks, variation in common practice, and differing opinions available.  And we will show how these fit together in the institutional supervisory and monitoring frameworks within which physicians are constrained to operate, and the liability chain.

Whether a direct accusation of improper care, an accusation related to the practice of medicine such as improper record-keeping, insurance/Medicare/Medicaid fraud, VA or mental-health related, or improper use of controlled substances, or an unrelated criminal charge, Attorney Brian Bregman will use his experience as a trial lawyer to establish the facts in your favor.  You cannot let them take your livelihood away from you.

Attorney Brian Bregman and his staff bring extensive on-the-ground experience in many other legal areas, including:

1) Tough Cases – for accusations of criminal wrongdoing, pleadings, and stopping a hard case as early as possible to protect your name,

2)  Improper Institutional Behavior – holding compliance and other enforcement officers and staff to legal and ethical standards of conduct in pursuing a physician,

3) Incorrect Procedures and Technicalities – often a physician is branded with the wrong violation, or accused of something that is no way supported by the evidence, or accusations fail to fulfill the proper formalities – such cases can be disposed of quickly, and

4) Hearing Defense – for cases that must go to hearing, where no earlier resolution can be found, you will want an attorney who is experienced dealing with the types of witnesses and evidence that are common in a medical setting.  Attorney Brian Bregman and his staff have this experience, and have handled many complex cases with a favorable outcome.

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