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Losing your license to practice nursing can be a life-changing event.  If you are at risk of losing your job, income, and home, it is important to treat this with seriousness and urgency.  Attorney Brian Bregman is familiar with the infractions and events that can lead to investigations by the Board of Nursing, and understands how to defend against these types of allegations and help you keep your license.  Attorney Bregman has represented licensed practitioners and has achieved successful outcomes. Let us make sure that the safest steps are taken to help you keep your job.

It is important to remember that anyone can accuse you of negligence or abuse at any time, without just cause.  For example, nurses who have used illegal drugs can be in jeopardy of losing their licenses even if it has not affected their jobs.  Allegations of falsifying patient records, failure to obtain consent, and other professional misconduct, may come from patients, coworkers, or other sources, and can lead to consequential legal proceedings.  If you are placed on probation by the Board of Nursing, or if you have broken the law, you have to be very careful. 

Attorney Brian Bregman is eager to fight allegations that could result in your nursing license being suspended or revoked.  He has defended many people just like you.  If you have received a letter, or you are under investigation by the Board of Nursing, you must take the opportunity to stand up and defend yourself.  You will need an attorney to establish the facts in a professional way, and put a legal weight behind your position.  This needs to be done whether you have a hearing, or before it even gets that far.

We defend professional license holders from accusations, fight the denial of licenses, defend licensees under investigation, appeal adverse licensing agency decisions, and offer complete professional license related services.  We also handle the criminal defense of crimes which could impact professional licensure status.  If you have been turned down or believe you could be turned down for a license, or you are under investigation by your licensing board, if you have received a notice that your license may be suspended or revoked, if you have to disclose negative information on a license application, or if you have just lost a license hearing, contact us so that we can help.

You cannot let them take your livelihood away from you.  As attorneys, we know the importance of your right to work in this field to which you have devoted a large part of your life.  We are a flexible firm and eager to help, with evening and weekend appointments available.  For assistance in this important matter of defending your right to practice nursing, call Attorney Brian Bregman at  (301) 362-0009 for a free consultation.

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