Online or Internet Crimes, Including Child Pornography, Fraud, Hacking, Impersonation, and Unauthorized Access

It is very easy to get caught up in a cyber-crime charge.  Something as simple as a single accidental mouse click can put you at risk for some of the most extreme sentences in the criminal justice system.  First, you need to keep your head up, and resolve to stand up for yourself and defend your rights, against the full might of the judicial system.  Second, you will need a highly-qualified attorney immediately, there is no way around this.  We strongly urge you to call Attorney Brian Bregman at 301-362-0009 right now.  In the event such charges are made, you are at the mercy of vast and complicated forces arrayed against you.  If we don’t stand up for you now, and you don’t stand up for yourself, then no one will.

Some things to know about cyber crime, and illegal or child pornography in particular are:

1) These are often Federal charges.  In other words, you are not being prosecuted by a local district attorney with limited time and resources, but by the US Federal Government.  The Feds have almost unlimited resources, and such cases can become very long and expensive, or disastrous, if not handled correctly.  You will need an attorney such as Brian Bregman who knows how to defend a Federal case correctly without even the simplest procedural errors.

2) Cyber-crime cases, including child pornography, are usually based on technical evidence.  The types of evidence are different from the types of evidence in most criminal cases, such as physical evidence and human testimony.  Rather, cyber-crimes cases will be built around high-tech evidence such as encrypted communications, hard drives, and network records.  The government has a large staff of technical experts who try to build a case that sounds technically undeniable.  Attorney Brian Bregman also works with technical experts, to pick apart which allegations may be accurate, and which other assertions maybe not so much.  For every expert, there is an equal expert with an opposite opinion, and what is presented as fact, may in fact be uncertain.

You cannot let the claims of government technical experts go unchallenged.  Whether the allegation is child pornography, hacking, wire fraud, or even something as simple as unauthorized login or email access, you must have an attorney such as Brian Bregman, who also uses technical expertise, and who is specifically prepared to defend against non-traditional or technical evidence.  Don’t screw around or think there is an easy way out.  Let us show those government technical experts who the real technical experts are, starting now.

Unfortunately with trojans these days, it is possible for nefarious programs to make their way onto your computer, and engage in illegal activity without your knowledge or authorization.  Such programs can steal passwords, log into sites, and may be designed to engage in activity in a way that appears to be an actual person.  If you have antivirus software, it can delete the executable, so that it can never be determined how the virus worked, or what files it may have downloaded, or what sites it may have logged into.  Even where logs and records exist, interpreting them can become ambiguous.  They are often sparse.  There can be innocent, alternate, or uncertain explanations for what is shown.  There can be different ways for files to get onto hardware, and different sources of network traffic.  Even IP addresses can be spoofed for various reasons, using widely-available software.  Your neighbor may even be a criminal using your network.

In addition to cyber crimes and technical evidence, some other areas of Attorney Brian Bregman’s expertise include:

1) Tough Cases – pleadings, and stopping a hard case as early as possible to protect your name,

2)  Improper Police Behavior – holding police to legal and Constitutional standards of conduct in pursuing a suspect,

3) Incorrect Charges and Legal Technicalities – often a defendant is charged with the wrong crime, or charged with something that is no way supported by the evidence – such cases can be disposed of quickly, and

4) Trial Defense – for cases that must go to trial, where no earlier resolution can be found, you will want an attorney who is experienced dealing with the procedures and types of evidence that come with a Federally-prosecuted or computer-related trial.  Attorney Brian Bregman has this experience, and has handled many high-stakes trials with a favorable outcome.

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