Prostitution-Related Charges, Including Solicitation and Assignation

Unfortunately, a large net has been cast for activities associated with “human trafficking.”  This has resulted in a large number of recent prosecutions for pandering, solicitation, and related crimes.  This has become a burden on the justice system, as well as the individuals prosecuted.  Attorney Brian Bregman does like to see these cases closed and disposed of as quickly as possible.  With extensive experience working with prosecutors, these cases can often be brought quickly to an acceptable outcome.

Solicitation and prostitution are the category of sex crimes where an individual is accused of profiting from sex-related activities.  It is different from other sex crimes by focusing on the financial aspects of an event.  But it is grouped together with other sex crimes, such as rape and sexual assault, both in public perceptions and in the severity of sentences.  For this reason it is important to mount the strongest legal defense possible, avoiding missteps at the early stages.  But it also requires a more sophisticated defense, because the accusations are of a financial nature.  Attorney Brian Bregman has the knowledge and experience to deal with cases where the burden of proof rests on the financial aspects of the allegation.

Unlike other “single-action” crimes or sex crimes, prostitution-related crimes may have a large volume of complex evidence to prove money has changed hands, and under what circumstances.  It may be that no single piece of evidence rises to the level of a prosecutable crime.  Prosecutors may attempt to tie various pieces of evidence together, in a way that paints a picture that a crime has taken place.  They may try to pressure witnesses with prosecution.  Attorney Brian Bregman is an expert at picking through such various bits of evidence, including questionable witness statements, to determine whether a crime has actually been committed or can be proven.  There may be many explanations of evidence that favor the defendant.  Attorney Brian Bregman will work with the defendant and the prosecutor to interpret the evidence and resolve the case in a way that is favorable to the defendant.

Some other areas of Brian Bregman’s expertise include:

1) Tough Cases – pleadings, and stopping a hard case as early as possible to protect your name,

2)  Improper Police Behavior – holding police to legal and Constitutional standards of conduct in pursuing a suspect,

3) Incorrect Charges and Legal Technicalities – often a defendant is charged with the wrong crime, or charged with something that is no way supported by the evidence – such cases can be disposed of quickly, and

4) Trial Defense – for cases that must go to trial, where no earlier resolution can be found, you will want an attorney who is experienced dealing with the number of witnesses, and the types of financial evidence, that are necessary to prove a financial crime has taken place.  Attorney Brian Bregman has this experience, and has handled many complex trials with a favorable outcome.



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