Student Disciplinary Defense

If you are charged or arrested for a crime, you may also be charged with a complaint for violating the student conduct code. Such complaints are generally submitted in writing to the administration. University and grade school disciplinary action may include suspension, dismissal, expulsion, or letters of reprimand. If the student was charged with a criminal offense pertaining to on-school activities or property, defending those criminal charges may only be half the battle, as the institution will likely bring disciplinary charges in the near future.

Attorney Brian R. Bregman handles all student disciplinary cases at the Law Offices of Bascietto & Bregman, LLC. In fact, defending students is not only his job, it’s also his passion.

Many students and parents do not think about seeking legal advice until it’s too late. You lose many valuable rights and opportunities if you delay, as oftentimes disciplinary hearings are held within days of the accusation. Occasionally, some parents and students hesitate to obtain legal advice or representation. Reasons for this include worries about legal fees or that by hiring an attorney, the student is “avoiding responsibility.” Let us assure of two things: first, we will work with you so that you can afford the quality legal representation that you deserve; and second, you are not doing anything wrong by asserting your legal rights and assuring that you are fully informed of the process and how to achieve the best possible results. Facing disciplinary charges is never a pleasant experience, but Attorney Bregman’s knowledge and familiarity with these situations make him an excellent advocate, even if just to inform you of your legal options and rights.
Because students have important rights in conduct and disciplinary proceedings, you should not hesitate to contact Attorney Bregman to discuss the disciplinary process and how he can help you defend against a student conduct complaint.

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