Washington, DC and Maryland Drug Arrest: Marijuana

In Maryland and the District of Columbia, possessing certain amounts of marijuana is a crime.  A conviction for the possession for sale, cultivation, or distribution may carry a heavy sentence.  If the state suspects that you are a distributor, it may contact federal authorities.  A conviction in federal court will involve the federal sentencing guidelines, in which a mandatory minimum prison sentence may be involved.

Going to jail is not the only consequence of a conviction.  Criminal convictions will show up on future backgrounds checks, can be used against you in child custody or legal competence hearings, can cause travel inconveniences, such as being scrutinized by the TSA at airports.  Furthermore, if you are ever involved in a case such as rape, assault, home defense, a traffic accident, or a workplace incident, a marijuana or other narcotics conviction may adversely affect the outcome of your case.

A second drug arrest can be much harder to deal with than a first.  If you are a regular cannabis user, it is likely that you will run into legal problems.  It is important to do everything possible to avoid “building a record” which could make charges harder to plea down, and penalties more severe, in the future.

Plea deals offered by a prosecutor can vary.  It will depend on the current caseload in the system, the particulars of your case, the prosecutor and judge on the specific case, the current goals or agenda of the prosecutor’s office regarding drug crimes, the category of drug and offense, whether it is a local or Federal prosecution, and other factors.  Whether you can get a better plea deal, or whether you should go to trial, are questions that can only be answered by an attorney who has dealt with marijuana and drug cases.

Attorney Brian Bregman is experienced in this area of the law and likewise has years of courtroom experience. He has defended large and small drug cases in the Maryland and the District of Columbia.  His experience and knowledge may help in determining what direction or course of action to take.  Do not let a small-time drug arrest snowball into more serious problems down the road.

If they think you are a distributor, they could hand your case over to the Feds, then you will be looking at mandatory minimums with limited parole.  They could even pressure someone who is a big dealer to point the finger at you.  You’ve heard the stories, it happens.  Maybe not this arrest, but the next one. Don’t be the unlucky one. Call us any time to get a free consultation at 301-362-0009.

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